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Dyslexia Event


Nursing Day Festival

Nursing Students at Batterjee Medical College organized a Festival entitled "Nursing Day" to raise awareness concerning nursing as a profession, its divisions and specialties, and the services provided by nurses to take care of patients. The festival, which was attended by a number of faculty members and administrative staff, included lectures and an exhibition with different corners; each showing the different roles of nurses in providing health. The festival highlighted the importance of using the latest equipments to enhance nursing capabilities in order to have access to the best quality standards in patient service. Dr. Mohammad Tayeb, Director of Student Affairs, stressed on the importance of changing the wrong perception people have about the nursing profession. He emphasized that nursing is a humane and noble profession that needs to be based on academic and scientific experience. He added: "Holding such events is intended to raise the awareness about the importance of nursing as a profession, its effective role in healthcare field and its contributions to social and economic development. Dr. Hassan Shaibah, BMC Dean, said that the college has always been eager to support the personal and professional skills of the students through holding such activities and events. He stressed that the college is committed to provide high-quality education and training environment and in order to meet international standards and to ensure the graduation of qualified staff to meet the needs of health sectors.

Saudi Universities League

BMC Participates in the Saudi Universities League 

Board of Trustees Meeting

The Board of Trustees of Batterjee Medical College for Science and Technology (BMC) held its first meeting in the third session in the academic year 2014/2015

BMC, Umm Al-Qura University discuss cooperation strategy

Dr. Hassan Shaibah, dean of Batterjee Medical College (BMC), says that the college is constantly working on developing a well-built strategic plan

BMC sponsor Saudi International Conference for Medical Education

BMC sponsor Saudi International Conference for Medical Education

  • Dyslexia Event

  • Nursing Day Festival

  • Saudi Universities League

  • Board of Trustees Meeting

  • BMC, Umm Al-Qura University discuss cooperation strategy

  • BMC sponsor Saudi International Conference for Medical Education

  • Pledge of Allegiance

  • King Abdullah Bin Abdulazeez

Mission of the College of Medicine

Having competent graduates that can compete with other colleagues either nationally or internationally. To graduate students with sufficient amount of knowledge and excellent co...

Mission of the College Dentistry*

To provide high quality education to the students in the Dentistry Program through quality courses along with practical and clinical knowledge & skills.


Mission of College of Healthcare

The commitment to unrelenting pursuit of excellence in teaching and research through the use of up to date technology, constant development, and implementation of innovative aca...

Mission of the College of Pharmacy

To provide benchmarking quality pharmacy education in pharmaceutical science, community services and research while maintaining Islamic values.


Mission of the College of Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy Program equips students with the necessary scientific background in the field of Physical Therapy to meet international st...

Mission of the College of Nursing

To impart the highest quality nursing education and specialization for the benefits of individuals, families and community as well as society.


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