Preparatory Year

We offer the foundation upon which the rest of your education will be built

Our Mission

is to become a leader in offering high quality education adhering to the values and ethics of Islam


  1. To contribute effectively in stimulating and maximizing the learning experience

    1. Students influence curricular and strategic decision making.
    2. The internal and external environment helps to support the curricular and extracurricular activities through a range of varied academic activities that serve students.

  2. To provide many spontaneous and organized learning opportunities both on and off campus.
    1. Students have access to make full use of appropriate technology when and where they need it both on and off campus.
    2. Students can benefit from partnerships with other educational establishments and service providers.
    3. After the successful completion of preparatory year, students are entitled to choose from the offered majors depending on their GPA.

  3. To recognize the important global issues affecting their future
    1. Students get the chance to maximize their understanding and awareness of their rights and responsibilities.
    2. Students have a wide understanding of the impact of their reactions on the community.

  4. To create a sense of belonging
    1. The student experiences a sense of belonging to the community and the importance of his/her identity and role in building that community through the participation in various community activities.
    2. The college celebrates by presenting and posting students’ achievements, as well as publicly announcing them.

  5. To gain a varied range of curricular and extra – curricular experiences
    1. Students benefit from a variety of activities based on the achievement of goals.
    2. Students progressively acquire a lot of learning and life skills through curricular teaching and appropriate partnerships.

Program Description

As per the Ministry of Education’s instructions, all newly enrolled students must successfully complete the Preparatory Year before being illegible for joining any bachelor qualification. BMC's Preparatory Year is the first year of the newly enrolled students for a future 7 Programs of BMC. Therefore, this year is considered a bridge between high school education, which the student has attained, and the medical science program he/she is illegible or interested to enroll in based on his/her Foundation Year results/GPA. In the Foundation Year, students are provided with high quality education in basic sciences and other general requirements. The Foundation Year provides students with the important principles of basic sciences that form the foundation of subsequent undergraduate study.

Students will gain knowledge in the basic sciences, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biostatistics, Biophysics, Biochemistry, English, Medical Terminology, Computer, Medical Ethics and Study Skills. BMC is a private medical education institute, so students from other nationalities also seek admission apart from Saudi students, thus creating a multinational cultural diversity learning environment. Due to the cultural diversity in BMC and the Foundation Year, especially, different levels of English language courses are offered to improve the English language skills of the Arab students and Arabic language courses for the Non-Arabic speaking international students.

As the requirements of the Ministry of Education, students are also provided with some of the general requirements, such as Islamic and Arabic courses. BMC Foundation Year focuses on students grooming both academically and socially; therefore, extracurricular activities are also given equal importance as part of a student’s growth and development experience. Every student is provided equal opportunity and offers a wide range of extracurricular activities to prove their creative abilities; thus, students gain maximum benefit in grooming talent and skills through their learning experience both academically and through the their participation in extracurricular activities.

Head Of Program Message

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Batterjee Medical College. You are about to embark on the greatest intellectual adventure you could possibly imagine. I am delighted that you are considering studying with us. You will find that we educate the professionals of tomorrow in order to solve the challenges of today. BMC will provide access to exceptional opportunities to give you the knowledge and the skills needed in a fast-changing world.

The overall structure of our programs is developed to enhance creative thinking and to develop problem solving skills. It also encourages teamwork, leadership, and communication skills in order to make a balance between theory and practice.

Our high entry standards guarantee that you will be among the best and brightest of your generation. In our college, you will motivate and encourage each other to reach advance levels and grow as leaders in knowledge making a better future. In addition to this, you will find fun-filled events and challenging extracurricular activities.

Despite the current exceptional Foundation Year, the BMC community continually strives to make it better. We listen carefully to your feedback and ideas. We look forward to welcoming you and encouraging you to create and build your own Preperatory Year experience.

Dr. Ikhlas Sindi, Head of Preparatory Year Program

FAST Foundation Year Curriculum

Preparatory Year Conventional Curriculum

Course Number Course Name Course credit
BIO 101 Human Biology I
BIO 102 Human Biology II
CHM 101 General Chemistry
CHM 102 Introduction to Biochemistry
PHY 101 General Physics
BIOPHY 102 Biophysics
MAT 101 Mathematics
BIOSTAT 102 Biostatistics
ENGFY 101 English I
ENGFY 102 English II
COM 101 Computer I
COM 102 Computer II
IMEFY 101 Islamic Medical Ethics
ARFY 102 Arabic Language
SSK 101 Study Skills I
SSK 102 Study Skills II
MT 101 Medical Terminology I
MT 102 Medical Terminology II

Entry Requirements