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Dr. Ikhlas A. Sindi

Batterjee Medical College believes in the role of scientific research in facing challenges and motivating progress in various fields, the Scientific Research Unit was established to develop the research system, to encourage faculty members and students to conduct various research, and to provide the appropriate environment for conducting research by supporting research projects and Scientific publishing or providing facilities and services that create an innovative and creative research environment. The College is keen to launch research initiatives to find solutions to the most common health problems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, such as chronic and critical diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, dementia, and cancer in order to serve the community and to respond to the national challenges and priorities in line with the 2030 vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Alumni magazine

August 23th 2021

Kirenol: A promising bioactive metabolite from siegesbeckia species: A detailed review

March 04th 2021

Repurposing of Some Natural Product Isolates as SARS-COV-2 Main Protease Inhibitors via In Vitro Cell Free and Cell-Based Antiviral Assessments and Molecular Modeling Approaches

June 17th 2021

Nitric-Oxide-Mediated Vasodilation of Bioactive Compounds Isolated from Hypericum revolutum in Rat Aorta

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