Message of Vice Dean of Hospital Affairs

The aim of Clinical Training is to provide a general clinical experience in a setting of supervised clinical responsibility in order that students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills needed for the practice of medicine and health sciences in general and that they develop proper medical attitudes and ethics.

Internship is a period of transition from a medical student to a qualified physician; a process in which an Intern gains more confidence in patient care, develops professional attitudes and applies appropriately the knowledge and skills in the practice of medicine. Students will become licensed by the Saudi Commission for Healthcare Specialties (SCFHS) after the successful completion of a one-year training program undertaken at hospitals and training centers that provide high quality training in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The training is supervised by the hospital staff with constant supervision and follow-up from BMC's Internship Program coordinators, Head of Programs and the Hospital Affairs Office.

BMC signed number of agreements with reputable affiliations to provide its students with a proper high-quality clinical training. Such affiliations are under the umbrella of the Ministry of Health including a number of general and specialized hospitals in Jeddah, King Abdullah Medical Center, and King Abdulaziz university Hospital…etc. Students are allowed to take an elective rotation in a specific hospital or major if they choose to, which is allowed in the internship program of medicine and Dentistry. Each Elective is a two-month rotation which could be taken even outside KSA at university hospitals or hospitals with training program for interns.

Dr. Saddig D. Jastaniah , Vice Dean Hospital Affairs