Message of Vice Dean of Female Section

Dr. Ikhlas Sindi , Vice Dean of Female section

Welcome to the website of BMC (Batterjee Medical College). We are delighted that you have chosen to study with us. The superior knowledge and skills that you attain at BMC will be the stepping stones to a future of expertise in your selected field. We hope this website introduces you to BMC and its departments.

Here at BMC, both our male and female students are provided equal rights and access to exceptional opportunities, facilities and services and are granted the knowledge and the skills needed in a fast-changing world. BMC’s mission is to offer female students, who take up to more than 50% of the total number of our students, the same excellence in education similar to their male counterparts to achieve KSA’s inclusive development plan to produce well-qualified women specialized in the fields that the labor market needs.

To accomplish this goal, BMC strives to help and guide you into becoming the best and brightest women of your generation. In this environment, you will be motivated to grow into exceptional professionals and leaders making a better future for women. In addition to this, you will be provided with opportunities to participate in fun-filled events and challenging extracurricular activities.

The Student Development Unit at BMC works to enhance the growth and development of all female students, both inside and outside the classroom. The Unit is concerned with every aspect of your college experience and aims to challenge and support you in this important time of intellectual, physical, and interpersonal change and development. Targeting female students, BMC offers a variety of social, cultural, leadership, educational, and recreational activities. These activities, along with your studies, will help you be able to effect positive change.

Assisting you and guiding you through your journey is BMC’s primary goal. Therefore, feel free to express yourselves at any time and grant us your feedback. You are of the utmost importance to us and your ideas and opinions are valuable.

Dr. Ikhlas Sindi , Vice Dean of Female section