BMC’s Commitment
to the SDGs

BMC plays a substantial role in realizing the SDGs. Education, research, innovation, as well as leadership models are cornerstones in empowering communities to confront and overcome their challenges.

At BMC, through our academic activities, we take the responsibility of shaping the next generation of leaders, innovators, and critical thinkers, in addition to their medical professionalism. Graduates who are equipped with a solid understanding of the challenges the world faces, coupled with the drive and knowledge to address them. Moreover, our research areas are aligned for addressing sustainable challenges across diverse domains, from health and socio-economic to environmental and technology.

In the adherence to Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 and motivate achievement of SDGs, BMC has a firm commitment in offering high standard education, advocating sustainability, enhance lifelong learning, leading scientific research, and serving our community, all are reinforced by values of fairness and equality.

Our dedication to the SDGs is demonstrated by the excel management of institutional resources, pioneering educational approaches, broad research areas, fostering both national and international collaborations, extensive outreach efforts and persistent institutional growth.

Through acknowledging our dual role on both the national and international levels, BMC eagerly supports community and social responsibility along with sustainability. To this end, we continually strive to increase the SDGs' institutional integration, including aspects such as research, curricula, community engagement, and administrative operations.

Furthermore, we've intensified our activities to develop greater public engagement on SDG’s objectives through a range of social accountability, public events, awareness campaigns, workshops, and more. Steering our research initiatives towards the SDGs remains a top priority, boosted by the broad local, regional, and global partnerships. Particularly, emphasizing to enhance collaborations with international partners from low-income countries, intensifying our overall capacity to address SDG-related challenges.

At BMC, our journey experienced the initiation of various SDG-aligned activities. As we progress, we are committed to consistently evaluate each SDG, develop relevant policies, coordinate awareness drives, establish dedicated sustainability unit, identify SDGs relevant to each academic program, and roll out sustainability-centric activities.

Recognizing its pivotal role in shaping the minds and attitudes of its community, BMC is unwavering in its commitment to infuse the ethos of sustainability within its academic and extracurricular spheres. In an undertaking to adequately equip its students to be proactive contributors to a sustainable future, BMC persistently organizes multiple scientific and social events. These events, encompassing seminars and conferences, delve deep into the SDGs, elucidating their significance and challenges.

Through these platforms, students take the lead in shedding light on each SDG, harnessing empirical evidence and research insights. These presentations not only spotlight the broader global ambitions but draw tangible links to the sustainability initiatives BMC champions. Beyond knowledge spreading, these events are structured with an intent to foster a vibrant culture of social responsibility. The topics addressed ensure students discern the complex connections that bind these diverse sustainability themes. It underscores the relationship between the multifaceted aspects of sustainability and the hands-on community-centric initiatives coordinated by BMC. Ultimately, these intensive efforts align seamlessly with BMC's commitment to quality education. It foresees a student body that's not just academically proficient but also deeply aware of their role as responsible citizens and guardians of a sustainable future.




BMC is seeking to support Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and paving the way for achieving SDGs through offering world-class education, sustainability initiatives, lifelong learning, scientific research, and community service considering respecting justness and equality.

BMC is committed to the SDGs through effective management of institutional resources, innovative teaching and learning, research, national and international partnerships, continuous development, and outreach.

BMC acknowledges its national, and international undertakings towards community and social responsibility as well as sustainability; therefore, it endeavors to promote SDGs through actively working to enhance the implementation of SDGs within BMC through research, teaching, learning, community responsibility and administrative processes as well as promote public involvement that tackling SDGs aspects through hosting social and public events, activities, awareness workshops and campaigns.

BMC also starts to translate and direct its research themes towards SDGs in addition to reinforcement of national, regional, and international executive partnerships that increase the capacities for facing SDGs challenges, through encouragement of the research and publications that co-authored by international partners particularly from low-income countries.

The following activities started at BMC and will be continued through evaluation of each SDG, formulate, and develop related SDG policies, conduct awareness campaigns and workshops to the BMC community, establish a sustainability unit, identify the SDGs related to each program, and specialty as well as implement sustainability-related initiatives.


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